The Smiling Elephants

November 12, 2010

How quickly the days pass from late August to mid-November. In California, some days may still be warm, but only for a few hours. The endless afternoons of sunlight have given way to the quickening pace of ever-shortening days.

But Oh! how glorious those summer days were!

One August day we pierced the summer heat to enter the air-conditioned comfort of the circus. The fantastic lion tamer from last year, who spoke to his 11 lions and other big cats in Spanish and German, as well as English, must have been the best in the world.

Alas! He was not in the show this year, a reminder of the ephemeral nature of summer pleasures.

Still, the elephants were once again magnificient, groomed to a fine sheen, and wearing happy smiles. They seemed to be enjoying the performance as much as we were.

How did I know they were happy and smiling? Look carefully at the the picture above and those that follow, and draw your own conclusions!

Of course, it’s hard work and they do get tired.

What was most amazing was when they got up. Just like a kid who throws his legs straight up into the air, and then then swings them to the side to kind of leap out of bed.

I laughed like a child when I saw the elephants get up. Where did that laughter come from?

What is it about elephants that makes us feel so happy, and laugh so hard?

They are very smart, and playful. Maybe that is the lesson.

People are smart, like elephants, and maybe even the smartest need to be playful like The Smiling Elephants.

A grand time was had by all.

Captain Jim

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