August 24 was a jewel of a day.

Offered by Nature, perhaps, for the lost summer days we might have had but didn’t, during the cold and foggy summer our beaches have offered us since June.

We went to Bean Hollow Beach, south of San Gregorio and Pescadero Beaches which are themselves south of Half Moon Bay. A small beach, with not too many people.

A beautiful place to be, with Nature. With the temperature holding in the 70’s into the late afternoon, unusual for here. The waves arriving in their rythmic concert, an andante movement for this lovely afternoon.

Only the shock of the bitter cold of the wavelets sweeping in and around our feet hinted at another, harsher face to this idyllic scene.

We had fun.

We pondered the ocean

And watched the sun set.

What more could you want in life, than a day like that?

Captain Jim

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